Ginger Root Shampoo & Daily Treatment Hair Mask

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Ginger Root Shampoo 

✔️ Promotes hair growth

✔️ Reduces hair loss

✔️ Unclogs hair follicles

✔️ Reduces dandruff

✔️ Cleanses scalp (ginger bits act as great exfoliator!)

✔️ Balances oil & water in scalp


Daily Treatment Hair Mask

✔️ Strengthens hair follicles to promote hair growth

✔️ Repairs inner hair damages

✔️ Encourages hair cells regeneration

✔️ Moisturises hair for silky glowing look

✔️ Restores hair nutrients

✔️ No more dry ends/ frizzy hair

✔️ Treatment for tangle-free hair


✅ Quality assured & tested - SGS Certified

✅ No silicone / paraben used

✅ Imported quality ingredients from Japan

✅ Advanced hair care technology collaboration

✅ KAO of Japan & BASF of Germany and GMPC certified, ISO22716