• Is BEAVI 9 suitable for people with diabetes?

Yes, it is! BEAVI 9 is free from artificial sweeteners.

However, it's also recommended to check on the nutrition fact and monitor total daily intake.

Nutrition fact per stick:

Carbohydrate 2.9g, Total sugar 2.2g, Total fat 0g


  • Can ladies consume BEAVI 9 during menstruation?

This would be on a case-by-case basis and depends on your current body constitution.

It is recommended to pause consumption during menstruation period and resume consumption after it to prevent heavy flow.

Alternatively, you can consult your healthcare professional before consumption.


  • Does BEAVI 9 help with warming the womb or uterus?

The ingredients help improve blood flow and uterus circulation in a gentle way.


  • Are there any allergens or preservatives?

BEAVI 9 has no specific allergens and is free from preservatives, artificial colouring, and artificial sweeteners.


  • Any potential side effect? Why is it safe to consume?

There are no known side effects or any hormone agents. BEAVI 9 is tested negative for heavy metals and micro-organisms by SGS and certified by IAQ for product quality standards.

However, if you have any food allergy, please check through the full ingredients list before consuming.


  • Why do different individuals experience different taste profiles?

Taste differences include genetic and environmental factors, including aging, exposure to chemicals, drugs, trauma, high alcohol consumption, smoking, poor oral health, malnutrition, viral upper-respiratory infections, etc.

Some taste losses may also occur in old age because studies found papillae losses and reduction renewal of the taste cells in the taste buds for the elderly.


  • What does BEAVI 9 taste like?

BEAVI 9 tastes like Jujube(红枣)enriched with brown sugar.

In our testing trials, different individuals experienced and shared different taste profiles. This is due to differences in body conditions and tastebud sensitivity.


  • What is hematopoiesis?

Hematopoiesis is the process of creating new blood cells from stem cells. It happens naturally in the body, starting when a human is still an embryo. The process continues through adulthood to keep the blood supply replenished.


  • Is there a possibility that someone can see or feel immediate results?

Yes, people with weak body constitutions may be able to experience immediate results.

Some individuals may be able to feel energised almost immediately.*

(*Results proved by in-house testing trials of over 50 participants)


  • Why is it okay to consume BEAVI 9 without professional TCM advice?

BEAVI 9 is specially formulated with an optimal yet gentle dosage for daily nourishment and replenishment.


  • Can I consume BEAVI 9 on alternate days (instead of daily) after seeing good results?

Yes, you may adjust the consumption frequency to alternate days or twice a week to maintain vitality and a strong body constitution.


  • What is the maximum dosage per day?

For post-op recovery/ post-pregnancy care/ weak body constitution - 2 sticks daily

For general body constitution - 1 stick daily


  • Will BEAVI 9 be too 'heaty' for most people?

BEAVI 9 is specially formulated for gentle nourishment(温补)and is generally suitable for most body constitutions. Therefore it will not result in 'heatiness'.

Please consult a doctor if you are on medication or have a pre-existing medical condition.


  • Will it be okay to mix with hot water instead of warm water?

It is recommended to mix with warm water below 60 degree celsius. High temperatures will damage the naturally occurring beneficial components in this formula.


  • Does BEAVI 9 help to conceive better?

There is currently no direct medical evidence that the ingredients in BEAIV 9 can help with conception. However, BEAVI 9 helps to nourish and better prep the body for pregnancy.


  • When can I start consuming BEAVI 9 for post-op recovery?

You may start to consume at least 7 days after surgery or when the wound has fully healed.

BEAVI 9 promotes blood circulation and stimulates blood flow, which may lead to longer recovery during the initial wound-healing process.


  • Are there any food or drinks that cannot be consumed with BEAVI 9?

Avoid consuming alcohol 3-4 hours before and after consuming BEAVI 9 as it may affect the absorption of the ingredients, and reduce product efficacy.

Please avoid mixing BEAVI 9 with similar health tonics with ingredients such as Eight Treasure 八珍 and Angelica Sinensis 当归 to prevent consumption beyond the recommended dosage which may lead to overstimulation in your body.


  • Can I mix BEAVI 9 with GLOW - LT+ or other supplements?

Yes, you may consume this together with GLOW - LT+ and/or other supplements.

Please avoid mixing BEAVI 9 with similar health tonics with ingredients such as Eight Treasure 八珍 and Angelica Sinensis 当归.

This is to prevent consumption beyond the recommended dosage which may lead to overstimulation in your body.


  • When can I start to see or feel the results?

You should be able to start noticing visible results in 1 to 2 months.

In general, you will experience relief from cold hands and feet and feel more energised.


  • Is BEAVI 9 suitable for mums who are breastfeeding or doing confinement?

Yes, BEAVI 9 is suitable and safe for mums who are breastfeeding or doing confinement.

For mums doing confinement, please consume BEAVI 9 at least 7 days after birth (after the initial wound-healing period).


  • Is BEAVI 9 suitable for pregnant mums?

Pregnant mums should generally avoid taking any supplement(s) that may accelerate blood circulation and uterine circulation unless recommended by a doctor.

Pregnant mums or anyone on medication is advised to consult a doctor before consuming BEAVI 9.


  • What is the minimum age to consume?

6 years old and above.

Start with just 1 stick a day and monitor the condition or reaction.



For any doubt not answered above, please feel free to contact us at 8825 5203 to clarify.