MAYCREATE Whitening Sunscreen Spray

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Safe to apply on:

Body, Face, Hands, Feet


Suitable for all skin types.


Product Benefits:

✿ Whitens & brightens skin

✿ Water resistant

✿ Long-lasting defence protection in the sun (against UVA & UVB)

✿ Retains moisture in skin (not sticky)

✿ Convenient size to carry outdoor

✿ Can be used as light coverage makeup base

✿ Blends with skin

✿ Light & comfy on skin

✿ Swear proof


How to Use:

Shake well, then spray from about 20cm distance from desired area on skin, then spread evenly using hand so that it is well-absorbed. Done! You're good to go to fight the sun!


Vol: 150ml

Shelf life: 3 years