Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips

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Each box contains 7 packs

Each pack contains a pair of strips (1 for upper row, 1 for lower row)

Expiry: 15/05/2025



1) Dry your hands before you peel off strip for upper row of teeth from plastic, then align strip with your gum and paste on teeth

2) Gently press strip to let it stick firmly onto teeth, fold excess part inward behind teeth

3) Repeat above steps for lower row of teeth

4) Wait for 30mins before peeling off strips, then gargle or brush your teeth



- Use only once a day

- Wait for at least 30min after brushing your teeth, avoid using the strips immediately after brushing

- Do not use when you have ulcers, damaged gums, or after an oral surgery

- Pregnant women and children under 12 years old are not advised to use this product

- Saliva produced during use of strips can be swallowed, but do not chew on the strips as it will tear and affect results